Getting to Know You: Building Funder and Artists Relationships | January 6, 1:00-2:15 PM

Relationships between funders and artists don’t need to be mysterious or frictional. Learn how to build relationships and successfully apply for grants that support tours, residencies, recording, compositions, and more. Communication and dialogue can help us co-create ways serve audiences and the communities we work in, with, and alongside of. Join the conversation between individual artists who have been successful at applying for funding as well as local, regional, and national grantmakers.

Speakers: José R. Feliciano, James Hirschfield

Sensory Friendly, Relaxed, and Adapted: Concerts for Neurodiverse Audiences | January 6, 1:00-2:15 PM

Attending a concert may be daunting, inaccessible, or unwelcoming for individuals with exceptionalities (such as those on the autism spectrum, with FASD, with Down Syndrome) as well as those who support them. How can artists, presenters, and community practitioners create inclusive and accessible musical events? This session will introduce arts organizations that have recently made efforts to produce concerts that address barriers to accessibility for neurodiverse groups, share what these adapted presentations entail, and explore best practices for adapted performances, including environmental and programming adaptations. Leave with tangible tips and tricks needed to expand your understanding and foster greater possibilities for meaningful engagement. Recognizing that our communities have varying needs, producers and musicians can help contribute to a more inclusive and accessible environment that leads to positive experiences for all.

Speaker: Jenna Richards

Lemons into Lemonade: Implementing Artistic & Communications Strategies in Uncertain Times | January 6, 2:30-3:45 PM

Leaders in the industry will discuss their experiences, lessons-learned, and strategies for dealing (and succeeding!) in the face of uncertainty, unexpected change, and crisis. This panel seeks to address how organizations and musicians can implement simple and effective planning tools to “expect the unexpected” and to communicate those plans both internally and externally. Led by 8VA Music Consultancy.

Moderator: Patricia Price
Speakers: Andy Akiho, Maggie Estes, Jennifer Grim, Sameer Patel

Til All of Us Are Free: A Liberatory Framework for DEI in Chamber Music Organizations | January 6, 2:30-3:45 PM

What can a framework of queer liberation bring to the work that arts organizations are doing to enact progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion in chamber music? In this session, moderated by ChamberQueer, a panel of LGBTQ+ musicians working as artists, administrators, organizers, and advocates in the field, will bring an intersectional approach to these concepts while discussing their own experiences working in chamber music. Panelists will examine what it means to address DEI from a policy/strategy level, centering the experiences of historically excluded groups. Participants will leave with helpful resources and steps to follow to enact this work in the organizations they lead and/or to advocate for it in the organizations with which they work.

Speakers: Danielle Buonaiuto, Aiden Feltkamp, Brian Mummert, Mazz Swift

TECHnically Music: Engaging 21st-Century Audiences | January 6, 4:00-5:15 PM

The rise of virtual performances throughout the pandemic taught musicians and presenters alike the many ways that music and tech can (and do) mix together. Cellist and producer Yves Dhar leads a multimedia talk on how artists and presenters can harness tech into virtual and live performances to engage wider, more diverse, and more mainstream audiences. With examples ranging from multi-track, overdubbed recordings to support George Floyd protests, green-screen videos of cellists in hot air balloons, to recording, mixing, and mastering commercial albums with remote musicians, Dhar shares how approachable tech can transport the traditional performance experience into the 21st century while appealing to traditional and new audiences.

Speaker: Yves Dhar

Music as Social Practice | January 7, 3:00-4:15 PM

How do we use our discontent to further inquiries about and challenges to our traditional stages, programming, and educational systems, now and for rising generations? What creates a thriving, balanced, and generous arts ecosystem that has the power to bring people together in community? Join three artists for this discussion that shares experience, vision, and aspirations for the future.

Speakers: Jennie Oh Brown, Nicholas Phan, Dwight Trible

Coaching Your Audience: Understanding and Working with Adult Amateurs | January 7, 3:00-4:15 PM

This session will examine the unique dynamic between amateur and professional musicians by bringing them into conversation. Understand who amateurs are, what motivates them, and how engaging with them can enhance a professional musician’s portfolio. Participants will leave with new ideas on coaching adult amateurs that inspire musical independence while developing steadfast audiences for present and future performances.

Presented by Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP)

Speakers: Susan Alexander, Karl Irikura, Lenny Matczynski, Paris Brann Milane

Jazz and Chamber Music Touring And Presenting During Covid And Beyond | January 7, 4:30-5:15 PM

Join representatives from Gail Boyd Artist Management, the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass, and Marsalis Mansion Artists for an engaging discussion on the state of jazz touring, performing, and presenting. Panelists will share their lessons and takeaways from the past few years, discuss the state of the industry now, and predict where it is headed. Artists, presenters, and managers will walk away inspired by the innovations put into place to pivot and thrive during the pandemic, as well as practical tips on communicating effectively and being better prepared to perform and present safely amidst today’s ongoing challenges.

Speakers: Gail Boyd, Rodney Marsalis, Morgan Pappas

A Larger Chamber: Expanding the Definition of Chamber Music | January 7, 4:30-5:15 PM

Join performing artist and advocate Karim Nagi for a lively workshop on the intersection of traditional Arab music and the ever-expanding definition of chamber music. Through active participation in a live demonstration, participants will come to understand how Arab music and other traditions and styles can be including under the umbrella term of chamber music. A continuation to Karim’s 2021 CMA conference session, this session will focus on the strategy and solutions.

Speaker: Karim Nagi

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