Duo Kalysta

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Tuesday, January 12, 3:00 PM ET

Lara Deutsch – flute
Emily Belvedere – harp

Barbara Scales, Latitude 45 Arts Promotion
scalesb@latitude45arts.com, 514-241-1363


Brought together by a collaboration at McGill University in 2012, flutist Lara Deutsch and harpist Emily Belvedere immediately realized their unique musical chemistry on stage, as well as their mutual passion for chamber music. Since then, Duo Kalysta has been sharing this passion with audiences throughout Canada and is quickly gaining recognition as a young duo with an exceptional connection. Their debut album, Origins, was released on the Leaf Music label in September 2019, featuring guest artists Alexander Read (violin), Marina Thibeault (viola), and Carmen Bruno (cello), and was named one of the “20 Favourite Canadian Classical Albums of 2019” by CBC Music. Recent performance highlights include concerts during the Kincardine Summer Music Festival, Jeunesses Musicales Canada’s Happy Hour series, the Pontiac Enchanté Festival, and an artistic residency at the Banff Centre. Duo Kalysta is also devoted to sharing their music outside of the traditional concert hall boundaries: in classrooms, cafés, as well as through various media platforms. They have completed several video recording projects, mostly notably a set of eleven music videos produced by Mécénat Musica Vidéo, each of which is set in an unconventional location. Duo Kalysta is grateful for the support of FACTOR, the Canada Council for the Arts, and Mécénat Musica in their ongoing projects.