Pathos Trio

Wednesday, January 13, 3:30 PM ET

Felix Reyes – percussion
Marcelina Suchocka – percussion
Alan Hankers – piano

Felix Reyes, 631-383-8550


Distance Between Places by Alan Hankers

falling flames by Finola Merivale


“Elevated themselves into those elite ranks alongside Yarn/Wire, So Percussion, Tigue, Iktus and Ensemble Et Al”, as described by the New York Music Daily, Pathos Trio (percussionists Marcelina Suchocka, Felix Reyes, and pianist/composer Alan Hankers) is committed to engaging classical/contemporary music, while also aiming to bring adventurous music to audiences through collaborations with young, living new music composers. Whether it’s performing with major ensembles overseas, to creating exciting collaborative chamber music projects with musicians across New York City, when each member is brought together they create a tor de force to be reckoned with.

With their most current project “When Dark Sounds And Classical Music Collide”, Pathos Trio’s year long project of culminating new music that has been written exclusively for ensemble by composers Alison Yun-Fei Jiang, Evan Chapman, Alyssa Weinberg, Alan Hankers, and Finola Merivale is currently in the process of being scheduled to be recorded by Philadelphia based film company Four/Ten Media.

The two pieces you’ll hear in Pathos’ showcase today (Distance Between Places and Falling Flames) add new originality to familiar sounds and characteristics that are often times considered synonymous with New York City’s music – from utilizing urban sounds produced by using industrial metals as instruments, to utilizing man made/ found objects in unconventional ways, to even expanding on processes used in minimalist music such as that of Steve Reich and blending genres of music together. We hope you’ll all enjoy the performances of these works, and we thank Chamber Music America again for hosting and inviting us to be a part of this year’s Virtual Showcase Conference.”